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What is the WIS Award?

The WIS Award is what the Oscar is to Hollywood. Once every two years the best of the best from the Dutch water sector have an opportunity to compete against each other. Competing against the best is is no small thing, it requires perseverance and determination.

The WIS is the innovation award with which Water Alliance gives Dutch water technology companies center stage. Participation means being in the spotlight for a long time, from from the preliminaries to the final event. The winner receives a marketing package worth €10,000, winning the WIS award is a kickstart for growth.

Why participate?

It could be your path to international success. Previous winners are testament to that. Hydraloop won the 2018 WIS Award and it was just the beginning of their international breakthrough. In 2020 they won the CES Innovation Award, they were also featured in the Netflix documentary Brave Blue World.

What are the benefits of participating in the WIS Award?

Tell your unique story

With a large following, the WIS is your way to tell your unique story to the world, dazzle a global audience with your pioneering idea/product

A chance to compete against the best of best

Boost your companies credibility, cement your (online) reputation, the award is only for the crème de la crème in Dutch water technology

Springboard to international success

Get to use the vast network of Water Alliance to launch your concept to an international audience. Enjoy publicity & marketing support

Hydraloop – WIS Award winner 2018

“Winning the WIS was our springboard to international success, just the support we needed at the right time. As we are working towards a sustainable future, our ambition for Hydraloop to become a household item (for everyone) is that much closer.”

Sabine Stuiver – CMO Hydraloop

Samotics – WIS Award winner 2020

“Winning the WIS Award was a great honor, it’s one of the most recognized innovation prizes in the water sector, it generated international attention and increased market demand for our innovation SAM4. On a personal level it felt like recognition.”

Simon Jagers – Founder Samotics

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